Mother’s Day 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there that are doing a FABULOUS job of loving on and caring for their kids! This year feels different than past years to me, with the whole quarantine/isolation aspect of it, but maybe that’s just me. We are starting to venture out a bit in the world and letting the kids see their cousins occasionally, some small family gatherings… but I think the last two months have done a number on us– especially our sweet Nell. I don’t talk a whole lot about her specifically on this blog about living life with a child that has 18 p deletion, as she is a typically developing child without special needs. But she is our firstborn child, and such a wonderful person and sister– I want to take a moment to talk about her too on this day about being a mother!

Nell is six and a half years old, and sadly, this school/life/everything shutdown happened at the end of her Kindergarten year. She loves school. Nell is an interesting person– she is extremely shy around almost any adult, and even around many kids– yet she seems quite extroverted in that she LOVES to be around them, even if she doesn’t always talk much. So, this isolation from others her age has been really tough on her as she craves that social interaction with a non-adult! She does have Liam, and even though they have had more “play times” than ever before since all of this time at home, it is still hard for her to really get what she needs from him, as he can’t communicate and his attention span on an activity or toy is about ten seconds 🤪 So she tries to play with him, but he quickly loses interest and finds something else to do. She has really been struggling with her emotions and reactions to anything at all the last month, and I know that the lack of socialization with her friends is a huge part of that. So, this Mother’s Day I am trying to remind myself to be patient and understanding with both Liam AND Nell during this strange time in our lives.

Of course, ever since we learned about Liam’s condition three and a half years ago, Mother’s Day has also taken on a new meaning for me. I’m a part of the special needs mom club now, and I gotta tell you, it was terrifying at first, and some days are still so hard that I find myself having to take deep breaths and calm myself as I think about the future for Liam– but I am truly proud and grateful to be a part of that club. The other night, after Liam was showing some minor progress on clapping his hands for “more” food at dinner, I was lying in bed and getting choked up talking to Will about how it is such a special experience to be Liam’s parents, and how lucky we are to be part of something that the average person doesn’t have. I don’t mean to make you feel left out 😬, and of course there are really hard days where I wish that we could have a more “normal” life, but it is such an honor to be a parent to both Nell and Liam; to be members of the exclusive special needs’ parenting club; to have a new understanding of humanity that raising Liam has already provided us.

Anyway, I always intend to write a brief blog post, and it never happens! I’m sorry, readers. Thank you for sticking with me if you made it this far. I will end on some pictures from this Mother’s Day morning, where Will and Nell showered me with cinnamon rolls and cake they made together ❤️

One thought on “Mother’s Day 2020

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Bailey! Thank you for including me in your blog . I can only imagine how concerned you must be for Liam’s future. I am glad you are in a support group. It helps to be able to talk with other parents who are going thru the same circumstances. I love the pictures. They are both adorable and growing up so fast. You are so fortunate to have sisters and cousins and caring parents. Have a Happy Mother’s Day. Love you all, Opal

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