Christmastime is here!

It’s almost Christmas, my favorite holiday, and I am so proud of our little guy! I was re-reading my last post made in October, and it made me realize that he has come a long way since then. He now signs the word “please” when he wants something (by rubbing his belly instead of his chest, which is super cute), and he can feed himself finger foods now! His fingers are getting more adept at doing different activities, so he is definitely happy to have figured out how to put anything and everything in his mouth.. including yucky cat food 😮 But we are still so happy for him to be able to do this on his own now!

In other news, Liam got glasses just yesterday! We took him to a new ophthalmologist a couple weeks ago, and this new doc did not want to jump right into a third eye surgery like his former doctor always wanted to. New doc suggested we get him glasses for his extreme astigmatism, and the clearer the image he sees may help his eyes align all the time. They are aligned most of the time, and he would benefit from the glasses anyway, so we ordered him some of the special toddler glasses and can’t believe how ADORABLE he looks in them! We were also so surprised at how well he’s taken to them. In the doctor’s office, he hated trying any of them on, but it only took thirty minutes of fighting them at home for him to accept that they were going to have to stay on. He had a doc band on his head as an infant, so maybe that helped him not mind things on his head as much. We hope that his eyes will align a bit more as a result, and that the doctor got all of the right measurements that day because Liam was NOT having a good time having his eyes messed with 😦 Anyway, he definitely looks older with his glasses and closer to his age of 2 years old!! Maybe strangers will stop assuming he is a sleepy baby, which is by far the most common comment we get about him. Now he just looks too cute!


Liam had a big week– in addition to the glasses, he had another ear surgery on Tuesday to get his current tubes replaced. One had fallen out completely too soon and that ear was having a hard time draining and staying healthy, so his new ENT (new doctors all around!) wanted to get some bigger, better tubes in each one that will hopefully be more effective. He did AMAZING this time around with the surgery– there were really no tears before or after!! It was his fifth time to go under anasthesia, and the other times have been REALLY tough for him, so maybe he has gotten used to the whole process and doesn’t mind it anymore. Whatever the reason, I was so grateful that he recovered quickly and we are crossing our fingers that these tubes work better!

Waiting to go back for surgery. He was all smiles!

Other than that, we are chugging along and constantly reminded of how lucky we are to have such great family and friends surrounding us. Nell has had some wonderful preschool programs so far this year, including one for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. I haven’t been able to go to these in person this year because of work, but thankfully Daddy has been able to go to each one and take lots of video for me to see. I do still feel guilt each time I miss something like that, and for each of Liam’s doctor’s appointments that I have to miss, but like I said, our family has been so supportive and helpful with it all that it makes it easy to forgive myself. It’s okay that I can’t be at every single thing now– as long as someone is there who cares about and loves our kids whole-heartedly, which is always the case.


Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you have a fabulous holiday season!


One thought on “Christmastime is here!

  1. Thanks Bailey for keeping me updated on Liam’s progress. He has come a long way. Keep up the good work and loving care. He looks adorable in his glasses. See you Christmas Eve. Love, Opal

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