Spring Break!

This past week has been spring break for the kids and me, and even though we didn’t get to go on vacation this time, a lot has happened! First, Liam got his first ever haircut! He has very thin and light-colored hair, so some of you might be thinking, “why would you cut his hair when he hardly has any??” But really, it was a lot of hair that was growing in all kinds of funky ways and driving me crazy. So, we got it tidied up at one of Nell’s favorite places, Kool Kutz 4 Kids. He did great and liked sitting in the car. This is a “before” picture. (I realize now that I don’t have a good “after” picture yet. Oh well.)


A couple days later, the kids and I joined my mom (Mimi) for a staycation in Fort Worth on Monday and Tuesday! We had a blast, especially Nell— she LOVED every thing that we did, which included a train ride through Forest park, the National Cowgirl Museum, playing at the fountains and water gardens downtown, and riding in a horse and carriage at the Stockyards. It was chilly weather the whole time, but the kids didn’t seem to mind as much as my mom and me 😀

We had a great time with Mimi, and later in the week Liam made a huge accomplishment: he pushed up into sitting position from the ground ALL BY HIMSELF!! This is something we’ve been working on for a long time in physical therapy, but he had no interest in doing it because he hates using his arm and leg muscles in that way. But I showed him a new way to do it one morning, and a couple hours later, he was suddenly sitting up by himself! I was shocked and excited, but now I’m feeling worried because he gets all around the floor now with his army crawl, and since he can sit up by himself now, that means he can fall back and bang his head anywhere now too 😦 Liam has trouble with balance, and even though he’s been sitting independently for ten months now, he still sometimes falls backwards on his head. I’m not sure when that balance is going to get better, but I hope it does soon so that I don’t always have to worry about his head getting hurt (we did go out and buy a bigger, thicker rug to help in that area, since our other rug was so thin it basically gave no padding at all). If you want to see him mastering that skill, click here for a video. Now he’s scooting over to the couch, sitting up and pulling up on the couch all by himself. This really is a game changer for us, people!!

We’ve had a great spring break, and it’s back to work and school for Nell and me this week, but first I’ll leave you with this video of Liam enjoying himself on the swings at Parr Park a few days ago. There’s just something about a baby’s laughter that can brighten your day, don’t you think?

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