Baby steps

Before we found out about Liam having 18 p-, we couldn’t figure out why he was developmentally behind in several areas. He couldn’t sit up independently until he was over eight months old, he was always way too weak to hold his head up off of the ground (but his head is QUITE large compared to his body), he never showed any interest in learning how to clap or wave, etc. In other ways he was on track or even ahead of his age, but in so many ways he was falling behind, and it started to weigh heavily on our minds that we were doing something wrong.

When he was around seven months old he started physical therapy for the first time. They came out to our house once a week to help teach him how to sit up unassisted (really it was more about teaching me how to teach him). He actually picked up that skill really quickly in just a few sessions, but when the focus changed to crawling on hands and knees at 8.5 months old, he was just not interested in learning how to do it. This boy just HATED holding his head up off the ground, and while he has made huge strides in that area and can actually do it for fun now, he still does not want to ever be on his hands and knees. He prefers to do a semi-army crawl to get around, or even just roll all around the floor. So while we’re still working on being in the hands and knees position so that he can learn to get in and out of sitting, he has shown a lot of progress in many areas thanks to his physical therapy.

From three months old, Liam has always loved standing on his own two legs. Because it was his favorite position from such a young age, he was able to build up his leg strength over the last year. He’s been playing around in his walker for several months now (this is his favorite activity, especially when big sister Nell is involved and she chases him around on her scooter), and he was getting progressively better at standing on his own without assistance. The day before he turned 15 months old this past month, he decided to take his first real steps without any help!! It was right before a physical therapy session, so he was able to show off his new skill to his therapist and daddy got it on camera. I can’t post the video on here, but here’s a link to youtube so you can view it. Needless to say, we were all SO thrilled that he took real steps by 15 months old, and is learning how to improve that skill each and every day. (Here’s another link to a video of him two weeks later, walking in shoes even!) We had heard that kids with 18 p- usually learn to walk between the ages of 2 to 5, so he seems to be ahead of the game in that area 🙂 He has a long way to go in building up his muscle strength all over, but we are so proud of our little man’s achievements already.

When our daughter learned how to walk a couple years ago, it was such an exciting experience for all of us. I was worried that milestones like that for a second child wouldn’t be as exciting the second time around– but I was so wrong! I am just as excited, maybe even more so, that our little boy was able to overcome his obstacles and make such a huge leap by taking a few baby steps. This is one proud mama and daddy over here, and you can see it on Liam’s face every time he walks that he’s incredibly proud of himself too.


Stay tuned for more updates on Liam!

4 thoughts on “Baby steps

  1. Your precious boy is showing everyone what kind of ‘stuff’ he’s made of!! As Dr. Seuss would say, ” Oh, the places he’ll go!”
    I look forward to watching his wonderful progress.


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